Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas card no. 8 and snowmen

Hi there,

This is my last Chrismas Card in 2014. The motive is from the Paper Shelter. It's gorgeous and it's relatively easy to colour - well, I mean, there's not many tiny details to be coloured, so it could go wrong for me.

But me being me, there is still lots of room for improvement.

Carollers are not a phenomenon we are used to see here in Denmark - at least not where I live, but I enjoy watching them in movies on TV :-).
This time I've made kind of a city scenery. Tall houses, a car and a street lamp. The background is the snowy paper I've used before - I'm running out of it now, I only had one sheet to begin with and don't remember where I bought it which also could be years ago. And the usual season greeting die.
I hope you like it.
Next I've finally finished all the snowmen I've practiced colouring different colours on. The motive is from Donna Marie Jerrett.
It was fun making them and putting them on Cards with different backgrounds.
By the way, Kit and Clowders classes are easy to follow and there are videos showing how to colour specific techniques. If you think you need some classes go join these classes. Alyce is a very helpful and skilled artist. What I've shown you so far, have been made before I bought a class, but I can see the difference between before and now already. It's well worth to spend a few AU dollars on it.
I wish all my readers/followers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I'll see you in 2015.
Maybe I'll be back in between to show you something new, but I don't know that or what yet.  My plan is to colour a lot and to spend the Holiday on the colouring classes at Kit and Clowder and practicing these techniques on other motives. Maybe I'll show the project itself and then later on, when it's been mounted on a Card.
Be happy crafting!


Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas card no. 7

Hi there,

The second to last single Christmas Card in 2014 and the final Bestie motive too.

A real Winter Picture. Snow and stars everywhere. Isn't she cute?
So far I've not started on the online colouring with Kit and Clowder, regarding the hair and skin or clothes classes, so I know both parts could be so much better and hopefully they will, when I get there. I do however love to colour these digis and put the sceneries together, and I hope you like to see them.
I pretend this gorgous digi to have a rest in the snowy forest with her sledge while the snow is silently falling (I know it's purple ;-D) and I just loved the starry background, even though it might have been better on darker cardboard than white LOL.
It was fun keeping most of the project in white and purple. There's not so much more to say about it. See you again later this week.
Be happy crafting!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas card no. 6

Hi there!

It's time for another Christmas Card. Christmas will soon be here and gone and I want to show you my remaining 3 Projects at a regular basis from now till Dec. 24th (Christmas Eve in Denmark) or maybe a day or two early for the last one. So here goes.

This Bestie I loved to colour, and you'll probably meet her Again Next year. You've already seen her in a turquoise version a few weeks back. I coloured both of them at the same time, but in order not to show the same motive right after each other, this one has been waiting till now.

I've coloured her very traditionally in red and green. To me they are the traditional Christmas colours, but I'd also like to colour her in unusual colour combinations, so there's a job for me for next year.

The backing paper is from a free paper pad following a Card magazine. The UK people might know which one. I like the sleigh and the deer at the corner of the paper, they are so suitable for this Card. I added a sledge die and a couple of Christmas trees and to finish off I put a present on the sledge and then a Christmas greeting.

It really doesn't take much to make a nice Card :-). I hope you like her as much as you did her older sister.

I've also finished the smaller Christmas Cards with the Alicia Bell Christmas tree,

I decided to go red, green and blue on them and then vary the colours of the presents. I guess, you can easily spot the first card I coloured. ...... You're right, the upper left corner .... and then I decided to do another technique, that worked better for me.

I think that was all for today. Later the coming week I'll show another project and the small snowmen from Donna Marie Jerrett, which are now also finished cards.

Be happy Crafting

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas card no. 5

Hi there,

It's time to show you yet another one of my Christmas creations.

I think that Christmas and Halloween might very well by my favourite card making seasons.

Well, that's easy to say, I started this kind of card making in the beginning of September, so there's still some seasons left. Maybe one of them will turn out to be a favourite too HAHA.

Here she comes:

The background is a "snow" embossed Card. The motive is a Bestie sitting on a fence by Sherri Baldi and I've used my tree dies and the usual Christmas greeeting as well. 

Of course my walnut promarker decided to bleed, when I coloured the fence, but luckily not so much that a little Christmas tree couldn't cover it up :-). And this also gave a new dimension to the project.

I have one more project to show you today: my Willie the Penguin tag for a tag/ornament challenge on Scrappers Delights' FB page:

I had a paper pad with ice bears and thought it would be very suitable for this tag project. Then I made the blue trees on one of my Christmas grids from Pergamano and blue fantasy paper - also from Pergamano. Willie is coloured with my Promarkers and an orange Caran d'Ache pencil. The greeting is handwritten.

I hope you like both projects.

Be happy crafting!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas card no. 4

Hi there,

It's time to show you the next Christmas Card in my "done" file.

To show you that I do have other digis than My Besties, this time my digi is from the Paper Shelter and a lovely one it is. It was perfect for creating a warm and cosy Christmas scenery with my fireplace die.

I used some very, very thin brick paper for the background wall and some Brown cardboard to illustrate the floor.

The fireplace and the flames are distressed. The fireplace to look old and much used and the flames to make the impression of the heat of the logs burning.

The candlesticks are die cut in silver coloured paper and the candles cut off then I made another set in white and cut off the candles for this project. The flames on the candles also got a layer of my yellow pearl pen.

The berries on the wreath are also from a pearl pen.

I know the pleats  of the girls skirt are not perfect, far from it, but I'll get there eventually. Whenever I start on something new, I always aim at getting as good at it, as I possibly can, so I'll be joining a couple of online colouring classes at Kit and Clowder shortly and hope to improve all aspects of my colouring.

I hope you like this project, which I also enjoyed very much to put together.

Please leave a message or join the blog at the top of the page or through Google+.

Be happy crafting!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Christmas card no. 3

Hi there,

First of all I wish to thank you all for the comments my Christmas Card no. 2 has received on Facebook and in here. I'm so happy you liked her.

Please feel free to also join my blog on top of the page to see my future Cards.

But now to my Christmas Card no. 3. Isn't she cute?

For this Card I had a hard time coming up with some sort of scenery, so I decided to go modern instead, as you can see. I used My Bestie img392 for this Projects. Again a digi with not too many small areas where I could go wrong - am I not the clever one :-D.

I wanted to keep the Card in green colours to match the backing paper with the Christmas trees and of course the Besties clothes. And no, the backing paper is not upside down, the trees are one way, another way and a third way on that paper HAHA.
I wanted to give the impression that she's standing in a Wood, freezing and keeping warm by the huge candles. Wow, there came the scenery, completely out of nowhere!
The flames I painted with my Pearl pens, so they are a bit shimmering.
The snowflakes are made with my cut out irons and mounted with glue pads (is that not what they are called???).
Oh, by the way. I haven't quite figured out yet, where to turn off how some Words are spelled with big letters. If somebody knows, please write it in the comments, or send me an email on  It's really a nuisance, that it does that.
Well, enough said about this project. I still have some to show you in the days to come.
Be happy Crafting!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas card no. 2

Hi there,

It's time to show you my Christmas Card no. 2. I had soooo much fun colouring her and putting this Card together, so I hope you like her as much as I do.

I used My Bestie Img833 and I love her because she's perfect to colour for a beginner like me. There are not too many small details, where I could go outside the lines. Until I feel confident to try digis with more and finer details, I'm very happy to "make do" with this kind. I don't know if Sherri Ann Baldy had beginners in mind when she designed her, but she's perfect for it.

I've die cut the snowflakes and the snowman. I did try to make a coloured version of him, but that only resulted in colouring all over the place, so I decided to go all White on him.

The Winter Wonderland sentiment is from Scrappers Delight and very suitable for my project.

I made small snowballs out of cotton and made a pile of them. 

My backing paper is glitter paper and I think, that it looks like sparkling snow.

It is so much fun, when an idea pops into my head and I have to figure out, how to make it. I sometimes use hours looking for something specific or trying to make something. It's so satisfying when it Works out. The snowballs were quite easy to think of though :-)

This project will enter the following competitions:

Be Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

In Christmas mood

Hi there,

I'm getting into Christmas mood at the moment. I've been colouring several My Besties and a couple of other digis as well, which I'll show you over the next weeks.

Here comes the first one:

I think this My Bestie was the most difficult to think of embellishments for - at least for me - because I could not cut out the motive due to snowflakes on either side of her. In my eyes it's easier to create a "scenery" if the motive stands alone.
Well, I used the Christmas trees Again. They are very versatile, because you can cut them to the size you need. I've also used my poinsettia die, which is wonderful and a sentiment, which will probably bore the life out of me before the end of December :-). I have that Christmas sentiment and one more in dies, so I'm afraid you'll get tired of seeing my Cards till the end of the year.
As I'm going to put this project in the Scrapbook Stamp Society challenge #55 - option Glitter, I put glitter on the sentiment and the yellow of the poinsettia is also glittering as I used my Pearl pens on it. They can luckily be used for other things than Pearls only.
I hope you like her.
Be happy crafting!

Guest DT project

Hi there,

This is very exiting for me. Remember I won a Guest DT spot at the Karleigh Sue challenge blog a while ago? Well, today is the day my guest design will be displayed at the Karleigh Sue inspiration blog, so I'm also going to show you my project for this occasion. 

For my project I used the Mrs.Claus digi stamp. Some die cut Christmas trees, deer and the sentiment as well. The Danish flags are stamped with red distress ink, cut out and glued on. The sky is the same background as used behind the window of the Leyendo digi stamp by Alicia Bel a few posts Down. The snow is just shimmering paper.

I hope you like this project, I simply loved colouring Mrs. Claus and putting the card together.

Be happy crafting.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Thanksgiving card

Hi there,

I made this thanksgiving Card for a challenge in a FB Group called Simply B stamps. The fine looking lady is called "Thankful for you Betty" and was a free digi stamp for this challenge. It was only available for a short time but can be bought through the Simply B stamps webshop.

I  had much fun colouring her, but since my competitors seem to be more experienced colouring pleats, I don't think I have many chances of winning. But I loved colouring her and that's what counts to me.

The sentiment came with her and we could do whatever we wanted with it, as long as it was on the Card.

For the challenge we had to use autumn colours and I had a few leaves and pumpkins left over from one of my halloween Cards shown earlier, so I was able to use them here. Only new thing is the small birdhouse, but the bird flew away :-), no seriously, I didn't bother to get everything out for a very small bird. The background paper I don't remember where came from, but it was part of a paper pad with autumn colours.

I hope you like her.

I'll be back again on Wednesday afternoon with another project.

Be happy crafting!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

I will soon be back

Hi there,

I've not forgotten you, but as mentioned in my last post, I've been busy colouring digis.

I think that by now, I've coloured about 10 pcs. since I last posted in here, most of which are Christmas themed digis.  I still have to think about how to assemble them on Cards though, and I'm so looking forward to that.

I'll let you in on how I work.

I'm not the quickest colourist in the world. If I was, I'd have made more digis by now. I recently started a journal of what colours I've used for each digi I've coloured. That alone takes some time to do. When I colour I leave the markers out until the whole digi is done, then I register which colours were used (name and colour sample incl.) plus the name of both digi and artist, and I put the markers back in their case. This way I guess i can make it the same way again at a later time, if I want. And of course I also have the finished (watermarked) Photo to go by as well.

Sometimes my assembling ideas come when I look at a digi and decide, what colours to use. Sometimes the ideas come, when I'm colouring and sometimes, when my colouring is finished.

I use a box lid approx. the same size of a standard card, and I put my assembling idea on it, to see if it's any use size wise or any good at all. I find it's a great way to see if something works or not.

Then I take a photo of it, so I can remember, what it looks like, because I have to take the parts off the lid and place them onto the card stock, and if there are many parts, it can be difficult to remember where they all go.

When the project is all done, I take a final Photo and apply my watermark (my name and name of digi artist) to it.

It would be great fun to hear, how your working process is - like mine or completely different, so please add a comment in here.

Be happy crafting!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I love it!

Hi there,

Just as I finished putting this Christmas scenery together with the Leyendo digi stamp from Alicia Bel, I found out that she's just opened a challenge blog and has started her first challenge.. How Lucky was I?

My digi is a freebie. I happened to fall over Alicias name when looking through messages in one of the facebook Groups I belong to and when visiting her webshop I found she had a few freebies in there. Among which also is the small Christmas trees, I've shown in an earlier post.

While looking through my various accessories, the few dies I have etc., this scenery suddenly popped into my head. Why not cut out a window, put some snowy paper behind and a few Christmas trees outside as well. As decoration on the inside, I used my Danish flag banner stamp (could be other colours as well, but I'm Danish, so there.... :-), add the lamp (and some light yellow vellum for light - hope you think that was a good idea). I had some Christmas embellishments from years ago (when supermarkets offer embellishments for practically nothing, I stock up), and finally the Leyendo digi got her place, where she can sit happily reading her book in either daylight or by the lamp.

I hope you like her. I love putting these projects together :-)

After this upload I'll be quiet for a while, I have to colour some digi stamps, for future competitions :-)

Be happy crafting!
Alicia Bel challenge #1 - anything goes

Monday, 10 November 2014

Next challenge participation

Hi there,

My appetite has now been wetted and I'm going to participate in another Scrapbook Stamp Society challenge ( see below) with my Scarecrow Bestie, who is not very frightening :-), but really cute. Don't you think? When surfing on the various blogs, I've noticed that one project might participate in more than one challenge, so who knows ...... :-).

I'm having a hard time regarding backgrounds, but I'm still in a learning process, so eventually I'll get it right.

I had some bast fibre left over from a flower decoration I got some time ago, so this is my quite petite hay stack. I also had some string, from when I put bouquets together, so I made 3 bales as well.
I think it's fun to figure out a composition from what you have available - and since I'm on a more than tight budget at the moment, I simply have to.

I hope that you like him. I had so much fun coloring him.

Be happy crafting! - ´Preparing for the  Holidays/Fall'
Scrapbookstampsocietychallenge #54 - anything Goes

Sunday, 9 November 2014

I don't believe it!!!

Hi there,

Apparently my winning streak has no end!

I have just seen on My Besties FB page, that I got 1st place in the Scrapbook Stamp Society's competition #53 - option Haloween with this project, which you can also see in an earlier post:

I'm so happy - and this time I was lucky enough to win 5 free My Besties digis.

Be happy crafting! (I know I am :-))

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Fun colouring contest

Hi there,

Today I'll show you my project for the Karleigh Sue Colouring Fun contest. Only demand is, that I should use a Karleigh Sue digi stamp, otherwise my hands were free.

Since the digi looks like she does and it is a colouring contest, I decided to go with a teacher theme - well, decided and decided - hmmmm - the project kind of developed by itself along the way (like most of my Projects).

Since my classrooms have always been very dull, I wanted this one to be so too. My imagination dried out on how to make a wooden floor, so this was left out and instead I just dropped some colouring pencils there. The colouring books have small hand drawings to colour (glad nobody and see them, as they are not good. I'm no good at hand drawing. I know what I want to draw, but I just cannot get it down on paper.
I had great fun making the card, and I hope you like it.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Hi there,

Again a big surprise in the shape of another winning project in October!

My blue pencil version of the Aurora Turkey (the red version you can see in an earlier post), that I made for a competition in one of Donna-Marie Jerretts painting Groups on Facebook is the random Winner of the competition.

This competition was only about painting with whatever medium you wanted to use and not about making a finished project. I chose to use my Caran d'Arche pencils - dry technique. I have way more control over painting with them than the Promarkers, so I'm absolutely thrilled that she won.

My Prize is two free digi stamps from 's Unky, who drew the Aurora Turkey especially for this competition. Maybe I'll ad a badge later, if the Winner gets one.

Having won, I owe it to her to make a project with her, so keep an eye on the blog, and some day it'll be in here.

Be happy crafting!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

The last Halloween projects for 2014

Hi there,

Here comes my last three Halloween Projects for 2014 and yes, they are all Besties by Sherri Ann Baldy, who makes the cutest digi stamps for this occasion (and others as well).

Challenge 53 # Anything Goes + Option Halloween

This project was so fun to make. I've used some Black lace as background and have distressed on top of it making a sinister background. I've made cob webs in parchment paper, the tombstones are hand cut and decorated, the bones are hand cut and so are both the ground, the bat (not very good) and the tree.
I often have to make do with what I have, so it's sometimes a challenge to make something nice, but I'm happy with the result.
For this project, I've chosen a striped background in purple nuances and on top of that purple lace. Since the Bestie is sitting in a pumpkin, which I see as a pot, I've added some Loose eyes here and there - and a handwritten sentiment - I'm too lazy to start my printer to print one sentiment!! I should make a whole sheet of variuos sentiments for next year. The broom is made of a toothpick and some paper, which is distressed to look dirty.
The last Halloween project for 2014 was fun and I had an idea, which I couldn't carry out. However, I'm very content with the result and think that the colours compliments each other. I've just watched a movie called Witch Mountain, so I thought it would be funny to make something out of that.

In case Sherri Ann Baldy see this page, I apologize for having amputated the tail of one of the ghosts, but I had a Promarker, which suddenly decided to bleed on the tail, and I couldn't save it. Only way to save the rest of the painting was to cut the tail off.

I hope you've enjoyed to look at all my Halloween Projects as much as I've enjoyed making them. If you like them, please leave a message in here.

I'm entering this last Haloween project into the Karleigh Sue Digis Challenge Blog Challenge #2 - Haloween

Be happy crafting!

By the way!!

Hi Again there!

I simply forgot to tell you that apart from winning the second place in the Besties Challenge, I won the honor of having a Guest DT spot on the Karleigh Sue blog with my second project under the message "More witches".

I will make a project for the blog and it will be displayed both in here and at the Karleigh Sue Blog on November 26th.

Looking forward to showing you the project I come up with.

Be happy crafting!

Assembling simple cards

Hi there,

Today I've been assembling a few simple Christmas Cards, which I loved to paint. I, myself, like the painting on the red Card better than on the blue Card, but by experimenting you find out, what suits you best and what looks the best, so it's all a matter of practice, practice, practice, as a very good friend of mine use to say. You know, who you are! :-) So here they come. The red one first:

And then the blue one:

In my next message, I'll slow you this years last Halloween Projects - I'm already on the Outlook for new Halloween Projects for next year.
Be happy crafting.

Monday, 27 October 2014



I just found out that I've won second place in the Scrapbook Stamp Society Challenge "Orange" with this Project. It was my third ever project painted with my new Promarkers.

The fact that I won second place also gives me the right to use the badge.

My Price for winning is 3 (three) Bestie stamps from Sherri Ann Baldy. Juhuuuuuu!

I'm so happy and proud right now!

Be happy crafting.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Snowmen (too early, I know)

Hi there,

Everything is afterall not about witches, so I've made an exception - snowmen!

The snowman is a digistamp from Donna Marie Jerrett. It's been fun making him and great practice getting started with the Promarkers, which are not always behaving as I want them to. Beginners troubles I hope.

Particularly my bright orange, my ruby red and my walnut makers have a tendency to make huge bleeds, when I use them. I've tried to paint a whole page with each of them in order to get rid of the excess ink, but they still bleed. I'm now painting and crossing my fingers I'll notice just before they bleed.

It's very disheartening to have painted a Projects, and when you're nearly finished - major bleed. Then you really have to think if you can use the project; can I camouflage the bleed, can I use some of the project as 3D elements etc. etc.. Don't just through it away, some of it might be salvaged yet.

These two snowmen Projects I'm going to show you today are the first ones I made.

It's a relatively small card, as you can probably see. I used a die to cut out the striped paper and placed the snowman inside the cut. I made the greeting with a free clear stamp that followed a card making magazine I tried. And the flower is made of felt and I bought it at the supermarket.
For this card I just used the cut out from the first snowman card and put the snowman on top of this.
The two snowman cards are very simple, but nontheless very nice. I love the simplicity of them and hope you do too.
That's all for now, I'll hopefully be back with more projects next week.
Be happy crafting!

More witches

Hi there,

I must be related to witches - many might say that's true LOL - because I love painting them and putting everything together on a card. Please bear in mind that I've only made this kind of cards since I started this blog, so I still have lots and lots to learn, but I enjoy it and have fun thinking about what next to do, when assembling my cards.

I have no idea whatsoever, what can sudden trick my imagination. It can be something I read, something in nature, something somebody says or just seing some cards online. Maybe I've been asked to do a card with a special theme for an exhibition and suddenly it's there. I've always had the same feeling regarding my Parchment cards. If you'd like to take a look at them, please visit
I feel very blessed to be able to think creatively.

Now back to what it's all about for the moment - Witches!

This project is a digistamp from MoonFlower Digistamps, that I've really loved painting with my Promarkers. For the first time I felt that I got the movement in the skirt right, you know, mountains - light and valleys - dark. I've used my dies for the leaves above her and also for the crow.

The three pumpkins are - now you're going to laugh - cupcake toppers!! I just removed the toothpick.

When I saw them in the shop I immediately knew they were perfect for card making as well. And they were really cheap too. 25 pcs + 25 cupcake forms for DKK 10,-.

I hope you like her.

The next project is the last Halloween project for now. It's a digi stamp from Karleigh Sue Digistamps.

This witch has been entered into two facebook contests. I know I'm not good enough to win, but who knows, it could happen unexpectedly. Everything is possible, they say.

The one contest was all about painting a project in the same colour but in it's nuances, so i chose the Black/grey nuances.

For the other contest I could use the same project, as I applied all bows and her shoes as 3D elements.

I saw somewhere on the internet that Loose eyes had been added to a project, and this is just perfect for the Halloween theme, so I added a few.

The pumpkins are made with punches, and I used the orange paper, I'd had under the project, when I distressed the witch form my last post.

The flames are from a border die - or rather the part you usually throw away. I coloured it with Promarkers: ruby red, heatwave, bright orange and sunflower.

Ghosts and the cob web are stickers. The trick or treat sign I wrote myself.

That's Halloween for now - but I'm not finished yet, I still have a few witches to assemble. Cannot get enough witches, can you?? Will show you, when I've finished them - probably next week.

Have fun crafting.

A couple of old projects finally finished

Hi there,

Apart from spending a few days away, I've been busy with my pencils and Promarkers and I've finally had the time to turn a few things into cards.

The first one I'm going to show you is my red/pink version of the Aurora Turkey from Eastwind Digistamps that is in my post from October 14th. For now both her and the blue version are on my desk gathering dust. I'm having problems with seing her on Cards, but hopefully inspiration will come, and when it does, I'll show you the result.

From my post of October 13th, I've finally finished this Bestie witch painted with my Promarkers. I had much fun putting her together. I worked with my dies, my distress ink to give the background a sinister ambience and a freehand hand cut ghost. I never thought I would like to do this kind of cards, but it's actually a big challenge to put a card together and not to repeat yourself too much from project to project.
I hope you like her.
Have fun crafting.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Christmas Besties made in July

Hi there,

During the heatwave in July here in Denmark, I sat on my terrasse and painted these Christmas Besties. In the summer I prefer to use my Caran D'Arche aquarelle pencils first and then a water brush to finish with. It's easy and the painting medium doesn't dry while painting. Wednesday I finally got time to assemble these cards.

The first one I also have in a green version with a red Bestie with the 4 corners, and holly leaves + red gems as berries. Cannot remember where I saved that photo, so maybe it'll be added later.

The paper the Besties are on, I coloured myself by colouring a stamp block with markers, then spraying it with Water and finally rubbing the stamp block onto the cardboard.

The snowflakes are made from dies and punches and gems have been added to some of them.

On the red card I decided to use my poinsettia dies and replaced two of the corners with the them.

On the purple card the poinsettias have been replaced by big snowflakes with gems in the centre.

I'm entering this project into My Besties Deutschland Chalenge #8 Alles geht + Option Weihnachten here:

I've really had fun putting these three cards together and maybe you've been inspired to making them too.
Have a few more Halloween projects in mind, so back to those, and I'll show you in a couple of days.
Have fun crafting!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Old project and painting with Caran D'Ache pencils

Hi there!

Looking over my blog yesterday, I noticed that I'd forgotten to show you the final project of my first every Promarker project. I thought it was suitable as a birthday card for my youngest niece, so she got it for her birthday a couple of weeks ago. Well, it's about time to show you the project now:

Yesterday late afternoon I started on the Aurora Turkey from East Wind Digital Stamps. It's a wonderful digi stamp, and I had much fun making her. Amazing how few nice photos there are on the internet of turkeys, that makes it easy to define the colours. But I gave it a try with my Caran D'Ache pencils which I love. I hope that I in time will be able to control the Promarkers the same way I can control colouring with pencils. This project is also entered into a competition in October. Eventually, I'll have to make finished cards of all my Projects, and I will show them, but please be patient, it might be a little while before I get the inspiration to assemble the finished card. So here is the Aurora Turkey:
Well back to my painting media now. Hope to be back very soon, see you then.

Be happy crafting.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Practicing painting - Promarkers

Yesterday I finished my big project of making the wedding invitations mentioned earlier. I immediately found my Promarkers and some Card stock and started practicing painting with them.

Since I'm in Halloween mode at the moment - everywhere you see the most gorgeous witch digi stamps, so of course I jumped on the wagon. My first try was this witch, and I still need to make her into a card:
The painting on the hat is not great as it seems that the lightest grey "eat" the darkest colours when blending them. I've heard various theories to that effect, and am going to try them out in the nearest future to see, if I can avoid this problem. The Card stock might be the problem.

Well, I'd promised to try to participate in a challenge in one of the Facebook Groups of which I'm a member.
The witch in this Photo was entered - I know I could do a lot better with the painting, but the Promarkers are still way out of my comfort zone, so I'm as content as I can be at this stage of my painting. The hair is not perfect, and I have absolutely no idea how I managed to make her skirt see thru.
The spider web is made of ordinary parchment paper. The fence and the cat are die cuts and the label is a free digistamp from somewhere, not sure where I got it anymore.
I'm going to enter this Card in another competition and who knows, maybe - just maybe - .......

Have fun crafting!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Wedding/farewell card

This project was made as a wedding/farewell Card to my "gym" teacher, who just got married and who has now left our Monday classes too.

I found the project somewhere on the internet and thought it would be a really nice card for this occasion. I'm afraid I don't know, who made it originally or I would have mentioned it here. If this person happens to read this, please contact me and I'll add your name to this project.

I hope you like it as much as I do. The card itself is placed upon a white envelope.
Have fun crafting!


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The first projects.

The Picture text speaks for itself. This Bestie got a major marker bleed in the hair, which was finally  camouflaged by an ivy branch on the final project. The button on the hair band, the bow and the skirt were also made as 3D on the final project.

The next project I simply cannot take my eyes off. She's SO cute, my strawberry Bestie!
My painting friend, Susanne, who also helped me with the blog, has kindly shown me how to make the small roses. The leaves are punched from parchment fantasy paper.

The last project I'll show this time, is my purple and orange Bestie. It's a lot of purple and orange, but everything seem to match somehow. Again some small roses and this time the leaves are cardboard.

I hope you like them, and......
Have fun crafting!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Day 2 blogging

Hi again,

I've decided to write this blog in English as my circle of friends is Worldwide and the major part of my Danish friends/family understand English as well. Please excuse any errors, I make, spelling or otherwise.

Back from a very nice dinner party in the Food Club yesterday evening, it's time for me to figure more out about this blogging thing, as there are many things to consider when opening a blog such as colours, theme, what should the blog consist of etc..

Since my favourite colour is green, my blog had to be green of course and I found a nice template with leaves, I thought would be very nice to have as a background.


Hmm, since I'm a creative person, I think this blog will mostly be about the various crafts I do, so to start this blog, I'll tell a bit about my crafting life.

For as long as I remember, I've been doing crafts. I remember painting with crayons when I was a little girl. Later my mum taught me how to knit, to crochet, to embroider and to sew, and these activities followed me for many years, but I never forgot to paint and did it occasionally.

Then I discovered Parchment craft in 1996 and I immediately got hooked on this craft.  I was selftaught until 2001, where I decided to take the teacher exam, which I got in April 2004. I was working full time beside enjoying my new found hobby, so I was only able to participate in weekend classes 4 - 5 weekends per year and summer school, so it took me 3 years to get the exam. It was worth every moment though, because I had lots of time to practice.

In 2005 I joined an internet Group of very talented parchment practitioners, who have become very dear friends of mine since then. I love it, when we meet on exhibitions in Holland or Belgium and have a great time together. Always having great craft discussions and laughing a lot. I feel very priviledged to know this group of talented women, who have taught me so much over the years.

In 2010 I was appointed CC of Denmark and Scandinavia together with a collegue. A position I unfortunately had to leave in 2012 for health and various other reasons.

I am still doing parchment craft and will probably always do so - I certainly have materials to last me a lifetime!

For now my website will continue, but if this blog becomes a success, I might close the website and combine parching and card making in here, as these are my favourite crafts at the moment. I might even show a parchment project in here from time to time anyway.

I have recently discovered Promarkers as painting medium and have decided to learn as much as possible about using them and hopefully be able to make beautiful projects with them. I think I've had a great beginning by joining an Facebook group; Donna-Marie's Card and Promarker Tutorials where the members are really kind and willing to share their experience and knowledge with me and others.

For this kind of cardmaking I've bought a few Saturated Canary digital stamps, which are nice, but my preferred digital stamps are the Besties from Sherri Ann Baldy. They are just to cute with their huge eyes. I'll upload the projects I've made another day, so until then......

Have fun crafting!

Saturday, 13 September 2014


Pyh ha, sikken et bøvl med at finde ud af det her blog sjov, men det lykkedes vist.

Jeg vil på et senere tidspunkt fortælle mere om mig selv og fylde på bloggen, men lige nu har jeg gæster - det skal lige siges, at hun hjælper mig med at finde ud af dette her - og i aften skal jeg i byen.