Sunday, 25 September 2016

Old project not shown before

Hi there!

I still have some old projects that I've not shown here on the blog before. And today I'm going to show you the birthday card I gave my big sister last year.

It's "Penny cover eyes" by Make It Crafty. They have so many gorgeous digi stamps, and this one is from a collection, I don't remember which one, I'm afraid.

 I used some very festive backing paper I once bought in Belgium, when I flew down for a craft exhibition where I was going to demonstrate Pergamano together with a lot of my foreign teacher friends.

My host took me shopping to this great shop where things were sooo cheap and the papers were very different from what we can get up here in Denmark, so of course I had to get some.

I don't remember anymore, what gift I got my sister, but it was supposed to be a surprise, hence the sentiment. And I thought the digi was sooo suitable for this. I bet you are also asked to put your hands over your eyes, if somebody wants to present you with a surprise.

I hope you like her, I had much fun colouring her.

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Be happy crafting!

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Another Saturated Canary project

Hi there!

The project, I'm going to show you today, was a freebie a while ago in the Saturated Canary Facebook Group which has now been closed (which is sooo sad, as the images are awesome).

It's perfect for small projects, it doesn't take very long to colour her and finally, it's great for experimenting with skin and hair colour combos.

I have a few notebooks aprox. 10 x 10 cm in 4 different colours which I bought on an exhibition once. I felt she was perfect to put on top of the blue one.

Here's a look where you can see, she's on a notebook:

I distressed the edge around her in blue to fit the cover of the notebook and then added a few punched out flowers on opposite corners.

The little stars I've used as the flower centres are from my bow tie die. They work perfectly as centres on the small punched out flowers.

I gave her to one of my friends, with whom I do crafts regularly, when she last visited. Her birthday is coming up soon, so it was a small present instead of a birthday card.

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Be happy crafting!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Saturated Canary card

Hi there,

Today I'll show you a card with a Saturated Canary image (Faces 2 from the bundle Faces).

I've chosen to colour this image as a birthday card to my new boss, who's turning 50 in a couple of weeks. I think she's got other things on her mind than reading my blog, so I dare to show it in here before she gets it.

I had hoped to find a sentiment saying something like "A little bird told me...", which I thought would be perfect for the image, but ended up with a fun sentiment instead.

I've distressed the layers (isn't that when the edges are ruffled?). Do I need to do that on the edges of the card as well? I'm new to this, so I'm a bit uncertain of it.

I've coloured the big yellow/orange flower in the corner. Originally it's beige with brownish petal tops.

The  two blue flowers I made two months ago, when I had nothing else to do but relax and make flowers and melt HAMA pearls for their centre. I made a big glas with about 300 flowers in different colours to last me a while I hope.

The leaves are from my bird punch and the swirls are cut off stems from the big flowers twirled around a tooth pick. There's no need to throw the stems away, when they can be used this way.

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Be happy crafting!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Late graduation card

Hi there!

Today I am going to show you a graduation card I was asked to make by one of my class mates at business school. Her daughter (or was it granddaughter?) graduated in music and she needed a card to that effect.

I chose to do "Rory's graduation" by Lacy Sunshine because I love this digi and don't have that many graduation digis, where the girl/boy look the right age, and I think Rory can get away with it.

I know it's late to show this card thinking of normal graduation dates in Denmark and that's entirely my fault. I'm so far behind showing my finished cards, or cards that's already been shown on Facebook that I'm having problems remembering if I already posted it in here, but I'm sure, I've not shown this one yet.

Since this girl graduated in music, I had to put some music paper on the background and I also happened to have a few sticker notes (they are kind of big, so I only used one of those). I also added and extra graduation paper, which I distressed and also burnt at the edges so it looks a bit old.

I added a big marguerit flower, two smaller white flowers and two of my home made roses and a branch with leaves.

I was told that the girl was very happy with the card, so I'm very satisfied with how it turned out.

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Be happy crafting!