Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas card no. 8 and snowmen

Hi there,

This is my last Chrismas Card in 2014. The motive is from the Paper Shelter. It's gorgeous and it's relatively easy to colour - well, I mean, there's not many tiny details to be coloured, so it could go wrong for me.

But me being me, there is still lots of room for improvement.

Carollers are not a phenomenon we are used to see here in Denmark - at least not where I live, but I enjoy watching them in movies on TV :-).
This time I've made kind of a city scenery. Tall houses, a car and a street lamp. The background is the snowy paper I've used before - I'm running out of it now, I only had one sheet to begin with and don't remember where I bought it which also could be years ago. And the usual season greeting die.
I hope you like it.
Next I've finally finished all the snowmen I've practiced colouring different colours on. The motive is from Donna Marie Jerrett.
It was fun making them and putting them on Cards with different backgrounds.
By the way, Kit and Clowders classes are easy to follow and there are videos showing how to colour specific techniques. If you think you need some classes go join these classes. Alyce is a very helpful and skilled artist. What I've shown you so far, have been made before I bought a class, but I can see the difference between before and now already. It's well worth to spend a few AU dollars on it.
I wish all my readers/followers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I'll see you in 2015.
Maybe I'll be back in between to show you something new, but I don't know that or what yet.  My plan is to colour a lot and to spend the Holiday on the colouring classes at Kit and Clowder and practicing these techniques on other motives. Maybe I'll show the project itself and then later on, when it's been mounted on a Card.
Be happy crafting!


Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas card no. 7

Hi there,

The second to last single Christmas Card in 2014 and the final Bestie motive too.

A real Winter Picture. Snow and stars everywhere. Isn't she cute?
So far I've not started on the online colouring with Kit and Clowder, regarding the hair and skin or clothes classes, so I know both parts could be so much better and hopefully they will, when I get there. I do however love to colour these digis and put the sceneries together, and I hope you like to see them.
I pretend this gorgous digi to have a rest in the snowy forest with her sledge while the snow is silently falling (I know it's purple ;-D) and I just loved the starry background, even though it might have been better on darker cardboard than white LOL.
It was fun keeping most of the project in white and purple. There's not so much more to say about it. See you again later this week.
Be happy crafting!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas card no. 6

Hi there!

It's time for another Christmas Card. Christmas will soon be here and gone and I want to show you my remaining 3 Projects at a regular basis from now till Dec. 24th (Christmas Eve in Denmark) or maybe a day or two early for the last one. So here goes.

This Bestie I loved to colour, and you'll probably meet her Again Next year. You've already seen her in a turquoise version a few weeks back. I coloured both of them at the same time, but in order not to show the same motive right after each other, this one has been waiting till now.

I've coloured her very traditionally in red and green. To me they are the traditional Christmas colours, but I'd also like to colour her in unusual colour combinations, so there's a job for me for next year.

The backing paper is from a free paper pad following a Card magazine. The UK people might know which one. I like the sleigh and the deer at the corner of the paper, they are so suitable for this Card. I added a sledge die and a couple of Christmas trees and to finish off I put a present on the sledge and then a Christmas greeting.

It really doesn't take much to make a nice Card :-). I hope you like her as much as you did her older sister.

I've also finished the smaller Christmas Cards with the Alicia Bell Christmas tree,

I decided to go red, green and blue on them and then vary the colours of the presents. I guess, you can easily spot the first card I coloured. ...... You're right, the upper left corner .... and then I decided to do another technique, that worked better for me.

I think that was all for today. Later the coming week I'll show another project and the small snowmen from Donna Marie Jerrett, which are now also finished cards.

Be happy Crafting

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas card no. 5

Hi there,

It's time to show you yet another one of my Christmas creations.

I think that Christmas and Halloween might very well by my favourite card making seasons.

Well, that's easy to say, I started this kind of card making in the beginning of September, so there's still some seasons left. Maybe one of them will turn out to be a favourite too HAHA.

Here she comes:

The background is a "snow" embossed Card. The motive is a Bestie sitting on a fence by Sherri Baldi and I've used my tree dies and the usual Christmas greeeting as well. 

Of course my walnut promarker decided to bleed, when I coloured the fence, but luckily not so much that a little Christmas tree couldn't cover it up :-). And this also gave a new dimension to the project.

I have one more project to show you today: my Willie the Penguin tag for a tag/ornament challenge on Scrappers Delights' FB page:

I had a paper pad with ice bears and thought it would be very suitable for this tag project. Then I made the blue trees on one of my Christmas grids from Pergamano and blue fantasy paper - also from Pergamano. Willie is coloured with my Promarkers and an orange Caran d'Ache pencil. The greeting is handwritten.

I hope you like both projects.

Be happy crafting!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas card no. 4

Hi there,

It's time to show you the next Christmas Card in my "done" file.

To show you that I do have other digis than My Besties, this time my digi is from the Paper Shelter and a lovely one it is. It was perfect for creating a warm and cosy Christmas scenery with my fireplace die.

I used some very, very thin brick paper for the background wall and some Brown cardboard to illustrate the floor.

The fireplace and the flames are distressed. The fireplace to look old and much used and the flames to make the impression of the heat of the logs burning.

The candlesticks are die cut in silver coloured paper and the candles cut off then I made another set in white and cut off the candles for this project. The flames on the candles also got a layer of my yellow pearl pen.

The berries on the wreath are also from a pearl pen.

I know the pleats  of the girls skirt are not perfect, far from it, but I'll get there eventually. Whenever I start on something new, I always aim at getting as good at it, as I possibly can, so I'll be joining a couple of online colouring classes at Kit and Clowder shortly and hope to improve all aspects of my colouring.

I hope you like this project, which I also enjoyed very much to put together.

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Be happy crafting!