Sunday, 16 November 2014

I will soon be back

Hi there,

I've not forgotten you, but as mentioned in my last post, I've been busy colouring digis.

I think that by now, I've coloured about 10 pcs. since I last posted in here, most of which are Christmas themed digis.  I still have to think about how to assemble them on Cards though, and I'm so looking forward to that.

I'll let you in on how I work.

I'm not the quickest colourist in the world. If I was, I'd have made more digis by now. I recently started a journal of what colours I've used for each digi I've coloured. That alone takes some time to do. When I colour I leave the markers out until the whole digi is done, then I register which colours were used (name and colour sample incl.) plus the name of both digi and artist, and I put the markers back in their case. This way I guess i can make it the same way again at a later time, if I want. And of course I also have the finished (watermarked) Photo to go by as well.

Sometimes my assembling ideas come when I look at a digi and decide, what colours to use. Sometimes the ideas come, when I'm colouring and sometimes, when my colouring is finished.

I use a box lid approx. the same size of a standard card, and I put my assembling idea on it, to see if it's any use size wise or any good at all. I find it's a great way to see if something works or not.

Then I take a photo of it, so I can remember, what it looks like, because I have to take the parts off the lid and place them onto the card stock, and if there are many parts, it can be difficult to remember where they all go.

When the project is all done, I take a final Photo and apply my watermark (my name and name of digi artist) to it.

It would be great fun to hear, how your working process is - like mine or completely different, so please add a comment in here.

Be happy crafting!

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