Friday, 29 May 2015

The last project for Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Hi again there!

Again I wish to stress that this cause is a great one to support and I hope that we'll be able to reach our goal of USD 5000,- with your help. Please go to and make a contribution. Small or large doesn't matter, I'm sure any amount will be accepted with thanks.

Now to my last digi from my contribution. That is yet another image from Yampuff of Deviantart called "Coralina" commissioned specifically for this cause.

The images is a Mermaid and a dolphin playing. At the same time Under the Sea is the colouring theme this month at our Create and Learn lessons at Kit and Clowder.

Again I used the reversed sky colouring from Create and Learn April marker lesseon for the Water.  I loved colouring this image very much and I worked with a combination of Copics and Promarkers.

I made the sentiment in Word and added a couple of green, melted Hama pearls below the image. As extra embellishment, I put on a few punched out dolphins, as I suddenly remembered I had a little dolphin punch. I think that worked perfectly on this image.

I hope you like all my Clearwater Projects. You might have seen them on Facebook, but they should of course also be in here to draw your attention to this great cause.

That is all from me for now. Have a great weekend everybody.

Be happy crafting!

One more card for Craft for Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Hi there!

It's time to show you my final projects with the last two digis I received when I donated my contribution to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium through the Kit and Clowder FB-site. They will come in two separate posts. The first one you will find below.

Before I show them, I just want to point out, that there is still time to donate here: and when the competition expires tomorrow, donations will still be possible through the Clearwater website but without the digis.  Don't forget to follow the instructions on the website if you want them, so hurry up and donate.

The second project I made, was made with the Tiddly Ink image "Tale of a tail" also known as"Clearwater Wryn". I held it in blue and yellow colours signifying that we've donates so much, that there would be a golden future for the two dolphins Winter and Hope (and the other animals there).

I added some yellow, melted Hama Pearls as embellishment and also a couple of die cut sea figures  which I distressed with blue.

I loved putting this card together as the shape of the coloured part is way out of my comfort zone, but I wanted to do something a bit different here. I hope you like it.

Be happy crafting!

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Kit and Clowder 6000 member celebration + Craft for Clearwater Aquarium

Hi there,

This weekend we're having a BIG party over at Kit and Clowder. A while back the group reached 6000 members and of course we have to celebrate this.

At the same time we want to support the home of Winter and Hope, the two dolphins from a Dolphin Tale 2, the Clearwater Aquarium in Florida.

Kit and Clowder has some awesome sponsors, who's generously donated a lot of prizes for our 6000 member celebration and even 1 - 3 images, which you can only get via the donation site, depending upon the amount you donate.

Jampuff of DeviantArt has created this gorgeous image of Winter and Hope. To be honest it's my very first animal colouring, and I had a good, long look at Alyce Kegan's image before I started colouring the dolphins.

I don't have a lot of nautical embellishments, so I went for a very simple Card and thought the sentiment would have to say it all.
I've not yet begun the May Create and Learn class, so the newest class of sea colouring must wait, instead I reversed the sky from the April Create and Learn class and though that would be usable as sea.
Now if you want to support the Clearwater Aquarium in their work to save sea animals and if possibly restore them to their right element, please click on the above link and make your donation. If you also are into colouring follow the instructions on the page and get your digis.
Be happy crafting!

Say Cheese!

Hi There,

Some time ago I received the freebie "Say Cheese" digi from Paola Joffre of My Whimsical Little World and a few weeks ago I finally coloured it up. Having done that, I needed an idea so I could put her on a card.

That idea came two weeks ago and I'm proud to show it to you today. This week was my Brother-in-Law's birthday and I thought it was perfect for him and I'm happy to tell that he liked her very much.

I was going through my backing papers and found this one with all the newspaper writing on, so I came up with the idea that she was a news reporter (my intention was to imply that his birthday was in the newspaper).
I wrote all the little sentiments in Word and framed them in Word as well. That is not difficult to do at all.
Then I cut a few strips of my own newspaper and rolled it up, and glued some on the card as well. That was the hårdest part, as it was impossible to stack them as you do with real newspapers, so instead I made a fan of them.
I hope you like this project, it was fun to colour and to put together, and if you do, please leave a message below.
Be happy crafting!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Honourable mentions

Hi there,

Sometimes, when my time permits it, I participate in challenges in the FB Groups of which I'm a member, and last weekend I was very surprised to find out that two cards, I'd entered into one challenge at the Lacy Sunshine FB Group had got an honourable mention for outstanding colouring.

I was and am so honoured that somebody thinks that about my colouring, and I'm eternally grateful for Alyce of Kit and Clowder, who's been teaching and guiding me to colour this way.

I'm now going to present you to "Rory - time to colour the World" and "Gamer Reggie".
Both Rory and Reggie are coloured with a mixture of Copics and Promarkers. This combination apparently works well for me.

Since colour is the key word in the title of Rory's image, I thought it would be important also to have a lot of colour as backing of the image itself, so I made panels in different colours and to kind of balance the image, I cut out a few splashes of colour to put on two of the panels. 

Reggie is playing some kind of electronic game and I remembered that I had a few pieces of square backing paper with computers and @-signs on, which I found would be perfect for him.  He has a very concentrated expression on his face, so I hope he's winning whichever game he's playing.
I added a couple of big blue felt flowers, that are sometimes available in my local supermarket at a very reasonable price.
I hope, that you like these two images as much as I do. For the honourable mention in Lacy Sunshine I was granted one free digi image for each of these projects. Thanks Again, Heather Valentin.
Have fun crafting!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Swap card

Hi there!

As promised in my earlier post, I have another project to show you today.

This is an April/May swap card to my swap partner in the Kit and Clowder group, Karen Closter. I know she received it a little while back, so it's time to show you now.

The theme of the swap was friendship and I thought "doesn't it show friendship when two girls are helping each other with their makeup?" and they're chilling out at the same time. The girls are coloured with a combination of Copics and Promarkers. At the corners of the image I've put a melted Hama pearl as candy, and to frame the sentiment, I've put lilac home made roses.

I had added a few papers and embellishments in my envelope as well.

In return I received yesterday a beautiful Card from Karen and some cute embellishments, and a couple of butterfly broaches from the Australian Deafness Foundation as well. I already have a plan for at least one of the embellishements.

That's all for today, ladies and gents.

Be happy crafting!

My nephews confirmation card

Hi there,

Today I want to show you the Card I made for my youngest nephew, Patrick, for his confirmation on May 1st, 2015.

Some of you have probably already seen it in some of the FB groups, I'm in but in case you are not a member of the same groups, I've chosen to show it again in here, now the date has passed.

I contacted the company, Precious Moment, and got their blessing to use their images for my colouring in general, and for Patricks card, I chose this one.

Patrick is a keen football player and I made it in the club colours. I was, however, informed by him this weekend, that he'd changed to another club so his colours are now green top and white shorts.

The background grass is a free digi from Make it Crafty, which I simply love. I mirror imaged it to fit or balance the football player. The sky is distressed with blue distress ink. 

The above photo is the back of the first photo. I cut out the footballs from a big sheet, I had. Some of the footballs have glitter on. I added a couple of charms of football boots, and the lower left football is glued on in such a way, that it can hold a money note.
The opposite page from this contained my private greeting for him, and I wish of course to hold that private. Hope you understand this.
It was a fun project to put together for him, and I think he liked it.
I have one more project to show you, but I'll put that in a separate post.
Be happy crafting!