Saturday, 29 November 2014

Christmas card no. 3

Hi there,

First of all I wish to thank you all for the comments my Christmas Card no. 2 has received on Facebook and in here. I'm so happy you liked her.

Please feel free to also join my blog on top of the page to see my future Cards.

But now to my Christmas Card no. 3. Isn't she cute?

For this Card I had a hard time coming up with some sort of scenery, so I decided to go modern instead, as you can see. I used My Bestie img392 for this Projects. Again a digi with not too many small areas where I could go wrong - am I not the clever one :-D.

I wanted to keep the Card in green colours to match the backing paper with the Christmas trees and of course the Besties clothes. And no, the backing paper is not upside down, the trees are one way, another way and a third way on that paper HAHA.
I wanted to give the impression that she's standing in a Wood, freezing and keeping warm by the huge candles. Wow, there came the scenery, completely out of nowhere!
The flames I painted with my Pearl pens, so they are a bit shimmering.
The snowflakes are made with my cut out irons and mounted with glue pads (is that not what they are called???).
Oh, by the way. I haven't quite figured out yet, where to turn off how some Words are spelled with big letters. If somebody knows, please write it in the comments, or send me an email on  It's really a nuisance, that it does that.
Well, enough said about this project. I still have some to show you in the days to come.
Be happy Crafting!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas card no. 2

Hi there,

It's time to show you my Christmas Card no. 2. I had soooo much fun colouring her and putting this Card together, so I hope you like her as much as I do.

I used My Bestie Img833 and I love her because she's perfect to colour for a beginner like me. There are not too many small details, where I could go outside the lines. Until I feel confident to try digis with more and finer details, I'm very happy to "make do" with this kind. I don't know if Sherri Ann Baldy had beginners in mind when she designed her, but she's perfect for it.

I've die cut the snowflakes and the snowman. I did try to make a coloured version of him, but that only resulted in colouring all over the place, so I decided to go all White on him.

The Winter Wonderland sentiment is from Scrappers Delight and very suitable for my project.

I made small snowballs out of cotton and made a pile of them. 

My backing paper is glitter paper and I think, that it looks like sparkling snow.

It is so much fun, when an idea pops into my head and I have to figure out, how to make it. I sometimes use hours looking for something specific or trying to make something. It's so satisfying when it Works out. The snowballs were quite easy to think of though :-)

This project will enter the following competitions:

Be Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

In Christmas mood

Hi there,

I'm getting into Christmas mood at the moment. I've been colouring several My Besties and a couple of other digis as well, which I'll show you over the next weeks.

Here comes the first one:

I think this My Bestie was the most difficult to think of embellishments for - at least for me - because I could not cut out the motive due to snowflakes on either side of her. In my eyes it's easier to create a "scenery" if the motive stands alone.
Well, I used the Christmas trees Again. They are very versatile, because you can cut them to the size you need. I've also used my poinsettia die, which is wonderful and a sentiment, which will probably bore the life out of me before the end of December :-). I have that Christmas sentiment and one more in dies, so I'm afraid you'll get tired of seeing my Cards till the end of the year.
As I'm going to put this project in the Scrapbook Stamp Society challenge #55 - option Glitter, I put glitter on the sentiment and the yellow of the poinsettia is also glittering as I used my Pearl pens on it. They can luckily be used for other things than Pearls only.
I hope you like her.
Be happy crafting!

Guest DT project

Hi there,

This is very exiting for me. Remember I won a Guest DT spot at the Karleigh Sue challenge blog a while ago? Well, today is the day my guest design will be displayed at the Karleigh Sue inspiration blog, so I'm also going to show you my project for this occasion. 

For my project I used the Mrs.Claus digi stamp. Some die cut Christmas trees, deer and the sentiment as well. The Danish flags are stamped with red distress ink, cut out and glued on. The sky is the same background as used behind the window of the Leyendo digi stamp by Alicia Bel a few posts Down. The snow is just shimmering paper.

I hope you like this project, I simply loved colouring Mrs. Claus and putting the card together.

Be happy crafting.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Thanksgiving card

Hi there,

I made this thanksgiving Card for a challenge in a FB Group called Simply B stamps. The fine looking lady is called "Thankful for you Betty" and was a free digi stamp for this challenge. It was only available for a short time but can be bought through the Simply B stamps webshop.

I  had much fun colouring her, but since my competitors seem to be more experienced colouring pleats, I don't think I have many chances of winning. But I loved colouring her and that's what counts to me.

The sentiment came with her and we could do whatever we wanted with it, as long as it was on the Card.

For the challenge we had to use autumn colours and I had a few leaves and pumpkins left over from one of my halloween Cards shown earlier, so I was able to use them here. Only new thing is the small birdhouse, but the bird flew away :-), no seriously, I didn't bother to get everything out for a very small bird. The background paper I don't remember where came from, but it was part of a paper pad with autumn colours.

I hope you like her.

I'll be back again on Wednesday afternoon with another project.

Be happy crafting!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

I will soon be back

Hi there,

I've not forgotten you, but as mentioned in my last post, I've been busy colouring digis.

I think that by now, I've coloured about 10 pcs. since I last posted in here, most of which are Christmas themed digis.  I still have to think about how to assemble them on Cards though, and I'm so looking forward to that.

I'll let you in on how I work.

I'm not the quickest colourist in the world. If I was, I'd have made more digis by now. I recently started a journal of what colours I've used for each digi I've coloured. That alone takes some time to do. When I colour I leave the markers out until the whole digi is done, then I register which colours were used (name and colour sample incl.) plus the name of both digi and artist, and I put the markers back in their case. This way I guess i can make it the same way again at a later time, if I want. And of course I also have the finished (watermarked) Photo to go by as well.

Sometimes my assembling ideas come when I look at a digi and decide, what colours to use. Sometimes the ideas come, when I'm colouring and sometimes, when my colouring is finished.

I use a box lid approx. the same size of a standard card, and I put my assembling idea on it, to see if it's any use size wise or any good at all. I find it's a great way to see if something works or not.

Then I take a photo of it, so I can remember, what it looks like, because I have to take the parts off the lid and place them onto the card stock, and if there are many parts, it can be difficult to remember where they all go.

When the project is all done, I take a final Photo and apply my watermark (my name and name of digi artist) to it.

It would be great fun to hear, how your working process is - like mine or completely different, so please add a comment in here.

Be happy crafting!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I love it!

Hi there,

Just as I finished putting this Christmas scenery together with the Leyendo digi stamp from Alicia Bel, I found out that she's just opened a challenge blog and has started her first challenge.. How Lucky was I?

My digi is a freebie. I happened to fall over Alicias name when looking through messages in one of the facebook Groups I belong to and when visiting her webshop I found she had a few freebies in there. Among which also is the small Christmas trees, I've shown in an earlier post.

While looking through my various accessories, the few dies I have etc., this scenery suddenly popped into my head. Why not cut out a window, put some snowy paper behind and a few Christmas trees outside as well. As decoration on the inside, I used my Danish flag banner stamp (could be other colours as well, but I'm Danish, so there.... :-), add the lamp (and some light yellow vellum for light - hope you think that was a good idea). I had some Christmas embellishments from years ago (when supermarkets offer embellishments for practically nothing, I stock up), and finally the Leyendo digi got her place, where she can sit happily reading her book in either daylight or by the lamp.

I hope you like her. I love putting these projects together :-)

After this upload I'll be quiet for a while, I have to colour some digi stamps, for future competitions :-)

Be happy crafting!
Alicia Bel challenge #1 - anything goes

Monday, 10 November 2014

Next challenge participation

Hi there,

My appetite has now been wetted and I'm going to participate in another Scrapbook Stamp Society challenge ( see below) with my Scarecrow Bestie, who is not very frightening :-), but really cute. Don't you think? When surfing on the various blogs, I've noticed that one project might participate in more than one challenge, so who knows ...... :-).

I'm having a hard time regarding backgrounds, but I'm still in a learning process, so eventually I'll get it right.

I had some bast fibre left over from a flower decoration I got some time ago, so this is my quite petite hay stack. I also had some string, from when I put bouquets together, so I made 3 bales as well.
I think it's fun to figure out a composition from what you have available - and since I'm on a more than tight budget at the moment, I simply have to.

I hope that you like him. I had so much fun coloring him.

Be happy crafting! - ´Preparing for the  Holidays/Fall'
Scrapbookstampsocietychallenge #54 - anything Goes

Sunday, 9 November 2014

I don't believe it!!!

Hi there,

Apparently my winning streak has no end!

I have just seen on My Besties FB page, that I got 1st place in the Scrapbook Stamp Society's competition #53 - option Haloween with this project, which you can also see in an earlier post:

I'm so happy - and this time I was lucky enough to win 5 free My Besties digis.

Be happy crafting! (I know I am :-))

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Fun colouring contest

Hi there,

Today I'll show you my project for the Karleigh Sue Colouring Fun contest. Only demand is, that I should use a Karleigh Sue digi stamp, otherwise my hands were free.

Since the digi looks like she does and it is a colouring contest, I decided to go with a teacher theme - well, decided and decided - hmmmm - the project kind of developed by itself along the way (like most of my Projects).

Since my classrooms have always been very dull, I wanted this one to be so too. My imagination dried out on how to make a wooden floor, so this was left out and instead I just dropped some colouring pencils there. The colouring books have small hand drawings to colour (glad nobody and see them, as they are not good. I'm no good at hand drawing. I know what I want to draw, but I just cannot get it down on paper.
I had great fun making the card, and I hope you like it.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Hi there,

Again a big surprise in the shape of another winning project in October!

My blue pencil version of the Aurora Turkey (the red version you can see in an earlier post), that I made for a competition in one of Donna-Marie Jerretts painting Groups on Facebook is the random Winner of the competition.

This competition was only about painting with whatever medium you wanted to use and not about making a finished project. I chose to use my Caran d'Arche pencils - dry technique. I have way more control over painting with them than the Promarkers, so I'm absolutely thrilled that she won.

My Prize is two free digi stamps from 's Unky, who drew the Aurora Turkey especially for this competition. Maybe I'll ad a badge later, if the Winner gets one.

Having won, I owe it to her to make a project with her, so keep an eye on the blog, and some day it'll be in here.

Be happy crafting!