Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Back to school

Hi there!

No, I'm not going back to school LOL and then again I am, but not to study. I'll be working in the office at a school from September 1st., Yippie!! And best of all it's only 10 minutes away by car.

Well, my card is also called "Back to school", so there's a double meaning in the title of this post.

It was my intention to abandon this card on the doorstep of the middle school only a couple of hundred meters from my house, but then I was soo busy the day school started, that I totally forgot all about it. Maybe I can abandon her when they start again after the next school holiday in week 42. In that case, you'll find the post on my Art Abandonment blog. 

I've used a Tiddly Ink image featuring my favourite image, Wryn, as a school girl. I've put on a sentiment, and the "back to school" text is from an alphabet die, that I have. I drew and coloured the crossing pencils myself. 

It was a fun image to colour and I think I managed to do the big shadow on her hat all right.

I hope you like her. I'll put her in the "Back to School" challenge presently running at Tiddly Ink. 

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Be happy crafting!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

I'm not sure I like it!

Hi there,

A while back I made this card, and I'm not sure at all, I like the way I put it together. I'll let you judge yourself, and then I'll give you my view below the photo.

I love everything about the card except the blue and green fish! There, I've said it! What first seemed to be a great idea, absolutely ruined my joy over this card.

I found the fish (and in other colours as well) in a local supermarket and thought "they would be so nice to put on a mermaid card", but as it turned out, they are way too thick and were really hard to glue on, and the minute they stuck to the card and I removed my hands, I so regretted having put them there.

I think everything else on the card is in harmony and then these two wobbly, thick fish were such a disappointment and they are stuck so well, that I'll ruin the card, if I remove them.

Well, I've shown you now, that I'm also capable of making cards that are failed, and I'd usually not show them to you. Of course it's a pity, and I have no idea what to do with this card, so any suggestions will be very welcome.

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Be happy crafting!
Hugs, Kirsten

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Judith Maslen is making digital stamps too

Hi there! 

Have you seen the new Etsy shop called "BigSplashDigiStamps"? 

It's a shop belonging to Judith Maslen - Yes, Judith has started designing digi stamps as well. Her images are very suited for other kinds of colouring thanjust on Parchment. 

I've coloured up her Toadstool Pixie with my copics. He is also in the shop. Go check it out. If you don't want to use these digis for colouring with other medias than parchment paints, you can easily use it as, such, just put a parchment border of your own design around him.

Since a toadstool is found in the forrest, I've added some die cut trees and pine cones as well as a deer and a dragonfly and kept the overall colours in green. He has a little glitter on his wings. And of course the whole picture needed a nice sentiment. 

I've been asking Judith about doing this for a long time because I love her parchment patterns and find that without their borders, they could easily be used for the way I colour now. Finally she gave in and made a sample digi, which she asked me to colour. Seing the image was good enough for this, she went for it. 

Here's my first coloured sample image from Judith (this is not in the shop). 

It was a pleasure to colour this bowling lady and to think up a design for her card. So I hope you like it too.

Go check out the Etsy shop "BigSplashDigiStamps", I'm sure you'll like what you see. Judith will be adding images on a regular basis. 

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Be happy crafting!
Hugs, Kirsten

Friday, 5 August 2016

Another free digi from the 10.000 celebrations coloured now

Hi There!

I think this might be the last free image from the 10.000 member celebration at Kit and Clowder that I've coloured and put on a card now. (I have a couple still not on a card, but I'll get there eventually).

I loved colouring her. I had some challenges with the flowers and details, as they are rather small.
I'm pretty satisfied with the dress in oranges and yellow tones though.

I decided to go with pink and teal papers because I used those colours for the flowers. I've used white, pink and teal punched out flowers - all home made, and added some punched out leaves.

I'm not used to using a lot of flowers of different sizes and shapes on my cards, and here I've only used two kinds. As I grow more used to it and confident as well, I hope I can get the hang of it. I see so many beautiful projects out there with flowers and lace and other embellishments, and long to be able to make something like that. I've started now, so I'm on my way!

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Be happy Crafting!
Hugs, Kirsten

I will enter this card in the following challenges: