Wednesday, 16 October 2019


Hi there!

This morning I had my morning walk in the rain. It was quite beautiful and the smell on trees and grass was awesome. It's been raining since I got out of bed early not so much that a raincoat and ambrella wouldn't keep me dry during my walk. Did I tell you that I walk between 3.5 - 4.5 kilometers every day? I've only had less than ten days since I retired, where I've been unable to walk and it shows on my scales too. So far I've lost 5 kilos - woohoo, I'm proud of myself, not so much about the weight, but especially that I can keep up the walking :-).

When I got home, I made a cute CAS card which I am going to use as a gift, but not thinking further about it, I accidentally giftwrapped it before I remembered to take the usual photo of it. So, unfortunately, I don't have anything to show you today, but early in November I'll have a few things if not before.

I got my colouring classes from Kit and Clowder yesterday, have you seen them?They are gorgeous Christmas projects both of them. So far everything is downloaded and printed and I'm ready to go. Only need to find the actual Polychromous pencils I'm going to use for the pencil class.

Oh, I forgot to warn you against cutting the excess metal from your dies. I made a deep cut on my left thumb yesterday, bleeding all over the kitchen zink until I got hold of a bandaid to stop it. It was quite sore the rest of the day, so please take good care if you use to cut this excess metal off your dies.

I hope that my being forgetful and not take the photo will prevent you from coming back to see more later.

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Be happy crafting!

Thursday, 10 October 2019

A birth and another birthday card

Hi there!

Two weeks ago my eldest nephew (Kåre) and his wife (Cæcilie) welcomed their third child into this world and into our family. It was a healthy and very cute boy with quite long dark hair. He was the spitting image of his father, when he was a newborn. Kåre and Cæcilie already have two gorgeous girls, Freyja (7) and Luna (4), who are now very proud big sisters.

The new baby will be Christened "Linus" in the beginning of November.

I gave Kåre and Cæcilie this card to celebrate his birth:

Maybe you remember seeing this card on my Instagram - @kipekr - when I made it last year in August. I'm glad I still had a baby boy card laying around, as I will make a special project for the Christening as I've done to all the children in the family.

I'm afraid I don't recall who the artist of this digi is. I've tried to look in my files, but I have almost 30K digis/colouring pages to go through, so it's an impossible job. I know the name is on the backside of the coloured image, but that's not much of a help. If you know who drew the image, please send me a message, and I'll add it to the text.

Well, Linus' cousin, Holger, who is the youngest child of my eldest niece (Ditte) and her husband (Søren) celebrated his first birthday on Friday last week. Most of my family and some of Sørens family celebrated the birthday at the summerhouse last Saturday. A very nice and sunny but rather cold day.

Of course Holger should have a birthday card as well.

This image is from The Paper Shelter and is called "Baby and his toys". I loved making it for Holger and it was quite suitable too, as he's crawling around very fast at the moment. He's started to stand up supporting himself on tables and chairs etc., so it's a matter of time before he starts walking.

The background here is also blue as on Linus' card, but maybe a bit darker. Then I found some matching chequered paper to put on top of the darker background. However, I still thought something was missing, so I played around a bit and ended up adding another blue square on top of which is the cirkle with the image. Four blue perls and the number 1 did the trick, and I didn't think it needed anything else.

I love CAS cards and I feel this card falls into this category.

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Be happy crafting!

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Birthday card for my niece

Hi there!

It's me again, sorry for all the posts, but sometimes events in my family and my life are very close, and at other times they are far apart. I've gotten used to that and in the meantime I just keep busy with my house and garden chores, and of course my now daily walks and being creative (more about that another time).

However, yesterday I didn't get any exercise, as I have a defect water safety valve that kept dripping and apparently had done so for 24 hours - resulting in a flod on the floor. So I called a plumber early in the morning and he promised to come around to change it. Therefore I was bound to stay at home and when the shop closed, he'd still not been here and it was raining cats and dogs - I was not in the mood for walking anymore.

Instead I sent my youngest niece, Hannah, a congratulation on Facebook and a text message too, hoping that she had a great day. When the whole family was here for my birthday/retirement my sister brought back her birthday card and present. I hope she remembered to hand them over to her. Well, I'll know in due time, I hope.

Here is my card for her 21st birthday:

I love the vibrant colours on the card. The background is actually cut from a page in an art catalogue I bought when I was in Dubai in 2011. There was a gallery at the Walk - I don't remember it's name - but they had some great catalogues, and I bought one or two with nice pictures in, which I thought I could use on my cards later. This is the first page I've used.

I had a die with the four guys playing instruments, and when I put it through the mashine and I took it our, one of the men was separated from the others. Great, I thought. That's going to be the soloist and he also got my notes die, so it seems that music is coming out of his instrument. I hope Hannah liked it.

This is it for now. More to come soon.

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Be happy crafting!

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Craft fair and a Birthday Card

Hi there!

On Sunday my "colouring" friend through about 20 years, Susanne, and I went to a local craft fair. It's a tradition we do twice a year, and the only times I spend money on all sorts of accessories for my cards - dies, pearls, inks, papers etc. etc. etc..

She usually arrive about an hour before the fair starts, so we can get a cup of coffee and something to eat first. It's Susannes birthday on this coming Sunday so I had made her a birthday card and handed it to her, while we had our morning coffee.

I had a left over piece of paper from Luna's birthday card from January 17th 2016 (if you'd like to go back to see it). This piece of paper was just waiting for the perfect opportuniti to be used, and this was it, I felt. There were some bushes on it, which were perfect for this image. Then I used my "By Lene" garder dies and made two copies, so there could be one on each side of the card. I placed a garland of flags between them to indicate festivity. A happy birthday sentiment and some birds finished the picture.

After our coffee, we drove to Aars - a town about 15 km away from my house to visit the fair and to get inspiration for our cards and other projects. I always find it soo inspiring to go, and we're allowed to take as many photos as we like, so I always do that. Who knows, I might learn other ways to use my materials and I get lots of tips and tricks.

This time was no different from other visits. I got a few great ideas and wll be trying to make them at a later time.

In a few days time I'll show you another birthday card. this time for my youngest niece.

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Be happy crafting!

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Kit and Clowder September 2019 pencil class

Hi There,

Having finished my daily exercise this morning (a 3-4 km long powerwalk), I sat down at my kitchen table ready to colour the final item on my pencil class - the gem.

That was a challenge to me, as there were so many extra lines to add, and I did try to do the centre as in the class, but decided that I liked the flat look better, so I erased these lines and started with the flat look.

I have loved doing this class, and Alyce Keegan of Kit and Clowder is so good at finding images for us and also new techniques. Some times she incorporates surplus wishes from our bonus classes into the Create and Learn monthly classes, an this time was both colouring metal and the gem such techniques.

But what surprised me the most while colouring this, was the wings of the dragonfly.

They were so pale and I could see, that Alyce had only put on one layer. "Hmmm, did she forget the second layer", was my first thought, but I followed the tutorial to the point and when I'd finished drawing all the tiny lines on the wings (even though they are very soft) the wings suddenly seemed much darker.

WOW, what an effect and difference these lines made. Unbelievable.

As usual I put my finished project on a black background which emphasizes the colouring so much.

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Be happy crafting!