Friday, 31 March 2017

Kit and Clowder March 2017 Pencil Class

Hi there!

I've done it again! For the fifth month in a row I've managed to put aside some ME time to colour the monthly (March) Pencil Class from Kit and Clowder.

The amazing Alyce Keegan has managed to create another stunning class, and has even arranged for us students to have digital stamps for the class, which are not available to others but her students. They are awesome stamps with birds and flowers.

Many of us have been waaay out of our comfort zone this time, but when I look in the Facebook album in the group I can honestly say that each and everyone has nailed this class. Well done, fellow students :-)!

I loooove those red berries and I really cannot understand that I coloured them. My pencils must have had a life of their own and must have taken over, I'm not sure I remember colouring them and it's only a few days ago, I did.

My biggest problem was the leaves, as there's so many colours in a relatively small space, but they turned out ok.

I only had the outline of the bird, so I myself had to draw in all the feathers with an ordinary lead pencil. That was not exactly easy as I'm not that kind of artist, and I might have had the image on an angle, when I did, because in my mind the feathers on the wing should have leaned a bit more to the right. But I'm ok with it as it is.

Due to my hands I took the easy way out and used some odourless alcohol to blend the background colours. I only used a little colour for the background as I wanted the bird and the branch and berries to pop out of the page. I think I managed that, don't you?

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Be happy crafting!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Kit and Clowder August 2016 Pencil Class

Hi there,

I love it when I have a whole weekend to do nothing but colouring. This weekend has been such a weekend, so what should I do?

I still have a lot of colouring classes, that I've not yet done, so I had a flip through my files on Friday evening and found this gorgeous image from La La Land, and an awesome background featuring the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

I can relate to this image and the park, since I stayed in Paris for a month in 1990 (OMG that's a long time ago now) and have visited the city a couple of times since then. I have even taken a few walks in that park during my stay there.

Yesterday was Bingo day in Kit and Clowder, and this is how far I got before the game started at noon. I.e. I started already on Friday evening and managed to do her skin and hair before I went to sleep. Saturday morning I continued to this stage was reached. I'm overjoyed with this step - even though the final blending of the lamps hadn't been done.

Having played Bingo at noon - (No, I didn't win, just missed one number, but it's fun to participate and I cannot win every time, now can I? I won last month.) and had lunch, I continued colouring, and this is what I managed to do before the second Bingo game at 11pm last night. Well, I did spend a couple of hours preparing, eating and cleaning up after dinner.

I loved colouring the trees and the grass - WOW, it's looking good in real life :-) if I may say so myself. But it's also very time consuming to do. Imagine having to colour all leaves on the trees (well it looks like it) and every single straw on the grass. Then the Eiffel Tower - as I thought I had finished it, Alyce writes - and now you're ready to put in more details. Well, it's looking so good, so she's forgiven LOL.

Around 9am this morning, I started on the sky. I'm not very good at colouring the sky, but I think it's ok, At this stage, my hands are hurting at bit and I know, that I cannot put the right pressure on the pencils, that's why the sky is not looking really smooth. I don't know if I can go back and put another layer on, I don't want the sky to be too dark either.

I love these colouring classes, and I learn so much and so many techniques, that I've never even considered before. I can only recommend Kit and Clowder to anyone, who wants to learn to colour with either markers, pencils or other medias.

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Be happy crafting!