Sunday, 14 September 2014

Day 2 blogging

Hi again,

I've decided to write this blog in English as my circle of friends is Worldwide and the major part of my Danish friends/family understand English as well. Please excuse any errors, I make, spelling or otherwise.

Back from a very nice dinner party in the Food Club yesterday evening, it's time for me to figure more out about this blogging thing, as there are many things to consider when opening a blog such as colours, theme, what should the blog consist of etc..

Since my favourite colour is green, my blog had to be green of course and I found a nice template with leaves, I thought would be very nice to have as a background.


Hmm, since I'm a creative person, I think this blog will mostly be about the various crafts I do, so to start this blog, I'll tell a bit about my crafting life.

For as long as I remember, I've been doing crafts. I remember painting with crayons when I was a little girl. Later my mum taught me how to knit, to crochet, to embroider and to sew, and these activities followed me for many years, but I never forgot to paint and did it occasionally.

Then I discovered Parchment craft in 1996 and I immediately got hooked on this craft.  I was selftaught until 2001, where I decided to take the teacher exam, which I got in April 2004. I was working full time beside enjoying my new found hobby, so I was only able to participate in weekend classes 4 - 5 weekends per year and summer school, so it took me 3 years to get the exam. It was worth every moment though, because I had lots of time to practice.

In 2005 I joined an internet Group of very talented parchment practitioners, who have become very dear friends of mine since then. I love it, when we meet on exhibitions in Holland or Belgium and have a great time together. Always having great craft discussions and laughing a lot. I feel very priviledged to know this group of talented women, who have taught me so much over the years.

In 2010 I was appointed CC of Denmark and Scandinavia together with a collegue. A position I unfortunately had to leave in 2012 for health and various other reasons.

I am still doing parchment craft and will probably always do so - I certainly have materials to last me a lifetime!

For now my website will continue, but if this blog becomes a success, I might close the website and combine parching and card making in here, as these are my favourite crafts at the moment. I might even show a parchment project in here from time to time anyway.

I have recently discovered Promarkers as painting medium and have decided to learn as much as possible about using them and hopefully be able to make beautiful projects with them. I think I've had a great beginning by joining an Facebook group; Donna-Marie's Card and Promarker Tutorials where the members are really kind and willing to share their experience and knowledge with me and others.

For this kind of cardmaking I've bought a few Saturated Canary digital stamps, which are nice, but my preferred digital stamps are the Besties from Sherri Ann Baldy. They are just to cute with their huge eyes. I'll upload the projects I've made another day, so until then......

Have fun crafting!


  1. Det går jo fint ;-), jeg sætter et link hertil, inde på min blog, håber det er okey.

    1. Hej Sanne,
      Ja, det er helt ok :-) og tak for det.