Sunday, 31 July 2016

A sister blog

Hi there,

Unfortunately I'm not clever enough to make a new page on this blog, so I had to open a new blog with my Art Abandonment projects. It's address is:

Somehow it is connected to this blog, as all my followers automatically were added. I don't think they can be separated, since I'm the owner of both, but it does mean, that you'll get to see all my card projects.

The projects on the Art Abandonment page will not be shown in here, as I'd have to do double work then, and my time is not for that.

Enjoy that blog too and read about this other journey I'm taking too.

Be happy crafting! - and don't be afraid to go where the colouring journey leads you.

Hugs, Kirsten

Friday, 29 July 2016

Busy colouring last weekend

Hi There!

Last weekend was a very busy colouring weekend for me. I did the 2 images I showed you in my last post and then 3 more, which I'll show you here.

I also did this image from Scrappers Delights I'm showing you below. I've had her for about half a year and had promised Janice Cullen Collier to colour her, as soon as I got more time on my hands. I felt I couldn't postpone this any longer since I'm on holiday, so I threw myself into a colouring weekend.

I had this gorgeous backing paper, which I thought was really suitable for the "Spread your wings Fairy". I added some extra flowers in the colours of the backing paper and a butterfly die cut from
green glitter paper.

I LOVE Yampuffs images, they are such great practice of particularly hair, skin and pleats. I noticed that Yampuff had put up a new image, which was intended for a summer competition and since I've done a Create & Learn class with an underwater scene, I was not afraid to enter the competition. Last year I entered Yampuffs Spring competition but alas I didn't win, but the exitement of participating is also much fun. This time I only submitted a colouring, but she'll be put on a card later or maybe in a frame.

As if the Kit and Clowder celebration wasn't enough, Aurora Wings celebrated reaching 1.000 members last weekend too, with lots of games, and had a release of some super images and offered this cutie "Acorn Sprite" for free at the end of the party, and to join it in a colouring competition, if you wanted. He's also a colouring, but will be put on a card later.

I've kept him in rather dark autumn colours since that's the time of year you find acorns in nature.

 I hope you like the projects I made, feel free to leave me a message below, if you do.

I'll be adding one more page to this blog with my Art Abandonment projects. Much more about that later.

Please join my blog, if you would like to see my cards on a regular basis.

Be Happy Crafting!
Hugs, Kirsten

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

10.000 member celebration in Kit and Clowder

Hi There!

This weekend was the celebration of reaching 10.000 members in Kit and Clowder, where I get my colouring classes. It was AWESOME! 3 days of games, freebies, winning prizes and finally a free Marker 101 class.

Alyce Keegan really outdid herself with this weekend, I cannot begin to imagine how much work she's put into it, knowing how much work we Clowdies give her on a day to day basis, with feedback, preparing Create and Learn monthly classes, other classes arranging Bingo, Book Club and much much more. A lot of sponsors of Kit and Clowder were represented and offered discount coupons as well as offered lots of prizes and some even freebies. A big thanks for a great weekend.

Today I'll show you two colourings, I made with two freebies from the weekend.

Scrappers Delights kindly offered this freebie "K&C 10.000", which I coloured with my Copics.

It was so much fun colouring the balloons and not at all as difficult as it might look. I coloured her red haired and with a green outfit - an internal joke between Alyce and myself.

The EastWind kindly offered this freebie "Super Chunky", which I think looks like Alyces' cat, Lila Bear.

I've never owned a cat, and not yet done the Animal Class (lazyness on my part, since I've had it for about a year now), so please bear with me. My C5 ran out of ink, while colouring, so I had to kind of force it to put some strokes down.

It is on purpose that I've not blended the mid and light green colours more, and I think it has a nice effect this way.

All posts (games, competitions, freebies and the free Marker 101 class) are still open until July 30th, so please join us at Kit and Clowder facebook group for a chance to win some awesome prizes . We'd love to have you and share this awesome group with you.

Feel free to leave a message to let me know, if you like my cards.

Please join my blog, if you would like to see my projects on a regular basis.

Be Happy Crafting!
Hugs, Kirsten

I'm back!

Hi There!

WOW, 2 months have almost gone since my last post, well it has it's reasons. As mentioned in my last post I was studying for my exam in economics, which I'm happy to say I passed with a nice 10 (a B if your grading system is different from ours in Denmark) and I'm very, very satisfied with this.

However, about a week after my post on May 31st I sat writing on my essay for 5 hours in a row, which was too much for my back, so when I tried to get up, my back locked in a haft standing, half sitting position It has taken all that time and up till last Thursday with physiotherapy treatment 1 - 2 times per week, where I've not been permitted to do anything (house or garden work), and all I've been able to do was cooking (I had to eat you know LOL), laying on the sofa watching TV and generally vegetating.

Then Thursday I finished physiotherapy and am pain free, which I've not been for years, so it's a great feeling. I was also allowed to walk longer distances and work 10 min a day in the garden (to begin with). So far I've had 3 loong walks into the countryside - I live right next to the old railway tracks here in Aalestrup. And I had help from a couple of neighbours to cut my corner hedge yesterday, well it was mostly them working - I did what I could and then served cool drinks and coffee.

So happy to be on the mend.

Now, I'm happy to be back and cannot wait to show you some projects. I'll post two in my next post.

Be happy Crafting!
Hugs, Kirsten