Saturday, 28 September 2019

Birthday card for my niece

Hi there!

It's me again, sorry for all the posts, but sometimes events in my family and my life are very close, and at other times they are far apart. I've gotten used to that and in the meantime I just keep busy with my house and garden chores, and of course my now daily walks and being creative (more about that another time).

However, yesterday I didn't get any exercise, as I have a defect water safety valve that kept dripping and apparently had done so for 24 hours - resulting in a flod on the floor. So I called a plumber early in the morning and he promised to come around to change it. Therefore I was bound to stay at home and when the shop closed, he'd still not been here and it was raining cats and dogs - I was not in the mood for walking anymore.

Instead I sent my youngest niece, Hannah, a congratulation on Facebook and a text message too, hoping that she had a great day. When the whole family was here for my birthday/retirement my sister brought back her birthday card and present. I hope she remembered to hand them over to her. Well, I'll know in due time, I hope.

Here is my card for her 21st birthday:

I love the vibrant colours on the card. The background is actually cut from a page in an art catalogue I bought when I was in Dubai in 2011. There was a gallery at the Walk - I don't remember it's name - but they had some great catalogues, and I bought one or two with nice pictures in, which I thought I could use on my cards later. This is the first page I've used.

I had a die with the four guys playing instruments, and when I put it through the mashine and I took it our, one of the men was separated from the others. Great, I thought. That's going to be the soloist and he also got my notes die, so it seems that music is coming out of his instrument. I hope Hannah liked it.

This is it for now. More to come soon.

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Be happy crafting!

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