Sunday, 8 September 2019

My first box

Hi there,

Yesterday I went to a craft outlet in a nearby city with one of my crafting friends. We'd been there once before, so I knew that they had some very cheap things such as easy puzzles I can give the kids in my family, when they come to visit me in case they get a bit bored. I bought some which had Disney motives and some with cartoon car motives.
I also got some craft paper and carton for my cards very cheap and some pearls and stuff.

However, the scoop of the day was, that we drove further down Jutland to a craft store, which celebrated their 20th anniversary and thus offered a discount of 20% on all their articles. That was awesome!

A couple of ladies (one of whom I knew and who was a friend of my crafty friend) were demonstrating box templates and how to decorate them. They had some really awesome ideas and I got some great photos of some of their boxes for future reference. I bought a couple of packages with the templates and some nice paper to decorate the boxes with. The bottom and the lid come as a whole. However, I have a plan of making my own template separating the lid from the bottom, as my 30 x 30 cm papers are not big enough to have them as one unit.

After my morning walk today (and where I also got nasty blisters) I tried my hand on assembling and decorating a box. I think I did quite well, even if I'm new at this, it's my very first box ever. Please let me know, what you think:

Here you see to top of the lid. I liked the brown stribed paper very much - the other side has a flower pattern, which is awesome too, but I thought I would do better with the stribed side.

At the bottom of the paper there was a text, which I decided to cut out and only use half of on the chipboard, as it would be possible to use the other half on another occassion - box or card.  I used my distress ink on all sides of the text stribes and also on the stribed carton, which gave it a nice kind of old look.

I put some of my flowers and ivy leaves at the bottom right corner and added a butterfly cut out of glitter paper too.

This photo shows the bottom of the box as well. I chose an all dark brown carton for decoration here to make it clean and simple and added very little distress ink on the corners to make the transition from dark brown to the light template colour less harsh. I don't think that'll show very well in the photo though.

I can say for certain that this will not be my last box. I'm so going to practice decorating on my other templates. It's not exactly the same as decorating a card to me. The box is also bigger than my cards by 1,5cm lenght and width wise. The boxes are perfect for gifts to family and friends.

In two weeks time I and my crafting friend are going to a craft fair in a city about 15 km away from where I live. Lots of different crafts will be represented there. It's a rather new exhibition - only two years old and the fourth fair held in this venue. I cannot wait, I know I'll be so inspired by all I see, and luckily it's allowed to take photos of all the projects there too, so I'll definitly have my phone charged to 100%.

Please feel free to leave me a comment, if you like my project, and if you want to see my cards/projects etc. on a regular basis, please join my blog or my Instagram.

Be happy crafting! 

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