Saturday, 21 September 2019

Learning to draw

Hi there,

Next step in my colouring journey will start in October, when Johanna Basfords new book will be published. I preordered it - was it March or April? - and am expecting to learn so very much from her and the book.

While I thought it would be self study, Johanna am signing people in to her Inky Drawing School (only until September 27th, so don't wail any longer - go sign up, if you'd like to draw the Johanna Basford way). If you're late, you're left out! Starting October 21st for 10 days.

While waiting, there has been a few "while we wait"-videos instructing us (sign-up exploded in a matter of few days) how to draw a few simple flowers - a few leaves - and how to connect them to a flower garland.

So far the only tools I've used is a pencil, an eraser and a thin marker (Artline no. 01 in my case) and a compas (in Danish: en passer) and some smooth paper. Here I've cut up a packet of Neenah Solar White from Crafters Companion from A4 size to A5 size. That's much easier to turn around when drawing. I also remembered that I have a few Letraset paper pads, they would do nicely at a later stage, when I'm more confident.

I bet you're excited to see how I draw, right? So here come my exersize sheets so far:

The first row of 4 flowers were from the first small video tutorial. Looks difficult eh? Well it isn't.
The next two rows I've added a few leaves  and the last one, I was taught to draw a symmetrical heart.

To the flower garlands I used the compas to draw the big circles and then just adding the flowers that I already had learned how to draw. I wanted to experiment a bit too, so I added a bow on the lower flower garland. I'm quite proud of myself getting to this stage having only drawn what you've seen here until now.

I'm expecting a lot from the new book and cannot wait till it pops into my mailbox beginning of October. From 21st October - 1st November, Johanna Basford will have an Inky Drawing School, which I signed up for, and guess what! IT'S TOTALLY FREE. 10 days of tutorials from Johanna Basford herself, who can wish for anything more??

This is a little sidekick to my colouring journey in Kit and Clowder, I want to be an all round artist - or at least as good as I can get :-). Drawing and colouring.

Well, that's it for now. I'll soon be back with a picture of my latest colouring class "Taking Flight".

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Be happy crafting! 

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