Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Kit and Clowder September 2019 pencil class

Hi There,

Having finished my daily exercise this morning (a 3-4 km long powerwalk), I sat down at my kitchen table ready to colour the final item on my pencil class - the gem.

That was a challenge to me, as there were so many extra lines to add, and I did try to do the centre as in the class, but decided that I liked the flat look better, so I erased these lines and started with the flat look.

I have loved doing this class, and Alyce Keegan of Kit and Clowder is so good at finding images for us and also new techniques. Some times she incorporates surplus wishes from our bonus classes into the Create and Learn monthly classes, an this time was both colouring metal and the gem such techniques.

But what surprised me the most while colouring this, was the wings of the dragonfly.

They were so pale and I could see, that Alyce had only put on one layer. "Hmmm, did she forget the second layer", was my first thought, but I followed the tutorial to the point and when I'd finished drawing all the tiny lines on the wings (even though they are very soft) the wings suddenly seemed much darker.

WOW, what an effect and difference these lines made. Unbelievable.

As usual I put my finished project on a black background which emphasizes the colouring so much.

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Be happy crafting! 

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