Thursday, 10 October 2019

A birth and another birthday card

Hi there!

Two weeks ago my eldest nephew (Kåre) and his wife (Cæcilie) welcomed their third child into this world and into our family. It was a healthy and very cute boy with quite long dark hair. He was the spitting image of his father, when he was a newborn. Kåre and Cæcilie already have two gorgeous girls, Freyja (7) and Luna (4), who are now very proud big sisters.

The new baby will be Christened "Linus" in the beginning of November.

I gave Kåre and Cæcilie this card to celebrate his birth:

Maybe you remember seeing this card on my Instagram - @kipekr - when I made it last year in August. I'm glad I still had a baby boy card laying around, as I will make a special project for the Christening as I've done to all the children in the family.

I'm afraid I don't recall who the artist of this digi is. I've tried to look in my files, but I have almost 30K digis/colouring pages to go through, so it's an impossible job. I know the name is on the backside of the coloured image, but that's not much of a help. If you know who drew the image, please send me a message, and I'll add it to the text.

Well, Linus' cousin, Holger, who is the youngest child of my eldest niece (Ditte) and her husband (Søren) celebrated his first birthday on Friday last week. Most of my family and some of Sørens family celebrated the birthday at the summerhouse last Saturday. A very nice and sunny but rather cold day.

Of course Holger should have a birthday card as well.

This image is from The Paper Shelter and is called "Baby and his toys". I loved making it for Holger and it was quite suitable too, as he's crawling around very fast at the moment. He's started to stand up supporting himself on tables and chairs etc., so it's a matter of time before he starts walking.

The background here is also blue as on Linus' card, but maybe a bit darker. Then I found some matching chequered paper to put on top of the darker background. However, I still thought something was missing, so I played around a bit and ended up adding another blue square on top of which is the cirkle with the image. Four blue perls and the number 1 did the trick, and I didn't think it needed anything else.

I love CAS cards and I feel this card falls into this category.

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Be happy crafting!

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