Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Spring colouring contest

Hi there,

I'm back already! Well, there's a reason for that. I downloaded a free image from Jade Dragonne which is for the Cutie Pie Spring colouring Contest 2015 in her FB Group.

I hope I can manage to turn her the right way in here, because when I uploaded her on Facebook, she unintentionally came out sideways, and was impossible to correct. Here goes, fingers crossed:

Yeah! I did it!
Well, She was really fun to colour but it was very difficult to decide which colours to use. As you see, I went for a grey/purple/pink colour scale adding a touch of blue, and I think it went very well.
The candy I've used? There's a fun story about that. About two weeks ago I saw a discussion in Kit and Clowder regarding home made candy. It is actually melted HAMA Pearls! Who would have thought that kids toys could be used for grown up card making LOL.  
Here's the description on how to make them:
You put HAMA Pearls on a piece of baking paper hole side upwards. Put the Pearls into a preheated oven at 200 degrees C and in my oven it takes 32 minutes to melt. You'll probably have to try your way. I did 5 min at the time. Some pearls melt better than others, but when the majority of your pearls have melted, take them out and let them cool down before taking them off the paper. It's quite funny, easy and they have the exact rounded shape of other candy.
I bet the HAMA manufacturer will experience a boom in sales over the next years - not knowing what happened when this becomes common knowledge LOL.
To my project I also added some of my home made roses in matching colours. I just made a new bunch, but will have to make more shortly, because I use them a lot.
I hope you like my Cutie Pie.
Be happy crafting!

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