Sunday, 3 January 2016

Mindful me no. 2

Hi there,

Yesterday I shared my Mindful Me no. 2 on Facebook in the Kit and Clowder group and on my wall. I put the first and the second image side by side on Facebook, so they could be seen as I'd like to hang them on a wall.

The response has been so overwhelming and I'm over the moon today. I'm so grateful for every comment I've got, they are all so positive and supportive and they really uplifted my spirit.
Image no. 1 is in the post before this one.

Here comes image no. 2:

I'm going to repete my text here, because it explains my intention with the opposite image.

YEAH! I did it! Made my opposite Mindful Me project.
In this post I will give myself permission (get that?) to show both my first and my second project. There's a reason for that.
As you can see, the image of the Painter is opposite in no. 2 and so are all the messages in this picture. Colour wise there's also symbolism. The green colours are all the positive things that I give myself permission to do, and the red colours are the danger colours that I do not give myself permission to do.
I've put a lot of thought into these pictures and I'm really proud of them. I did have some issues with the red picture, but I think I solved them nicely. What the issues were, are between Alyce and me LOL.
and here they are together: 

I hope they can inspire you to make your own Mindful Me projects. It was so much fun Please read the first post too, where you'll find info about the project in general. 
Have fun crafting!

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