Sunday, 5 February 2017

Yesterday I went back in time

Hi there,

Yesterday I went back in time, well, not in real life, but I decided to colour up the July 2015 pencil class, which I've had my eyes on for ages.

Between Bingo games at Kit and Clowder yesterday (one of which I was lucky to win a $15 gift card to Scrappers Delights), I thought it would be nice to do this particular class. The image is Hydrangea Fairy by Yampuff, whose images I love. I have a thing for hydrangeas - have had it for years - and this class also contained a hydrangea flower.

There were many different techniques such as blending with odourless alcohol, transparent colouring, skin, hair, water, raindrops etc. etc..

I was asked to make a few sneak peaks of my progress, so you'll get them here as well.

Sneak peak no. 1

I finished colouring the skin, which was difficult in places as there was not much space for 5 different colours, but it turned out quite all right, I think.

Sneak peak no. 2

Here I'd finished the girl (except her eyes and the flower and butterfly in her hair). I'd started on the hydrangea with only one layer beneath her wings, and more layers on the parts not under the wings. I thought the yellow colour was quite dominant at this stage, that's why I only coloured some of them before taking this photo. Sometimes you need to see things on the screen to decide how it's really looking. I'm sure you know what I mean. So I left the project, went to bed and continued this morning. 

Sneak peak no 3 

Eyes and butterfly are now completed (flower in her hair is in the finished photo). The leaves have now been coloured + the raindrops - I loved doing those and the ladybug as well. You can see structure on her wings now and still see the hydrangea petals beneath.

Finished project

Tada!!!!! Finished! I LOVE how the sky turned out. The blending is perfect due to the odourless alcohol. Maybe I should use this in the future, it's not so hard on my hands as when I have to blend with a pencil.  
I think the ripples turned out all right, or maybe they could have been a little more oval. The ground - hmmm - I'm not sure what I think about that. I have nothing to compare with, but should it not have been more blue, as it is water she's sitting in?

Anyway, I really, really enjoyed colouring this with my FC Polychromos, and have many more classes to finish, not to mention the marker classes and my technique classes, but at least I've started and will try to catch up. It could be a larger bite, than I can chew, but it doesn't have to be finished tomorrow LOL. 

Please feel free to leave me a comment, if you like my project, and, if you want to see my cards/projects on a regular basis, please join my blog. 

Be happy crafting!

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