Friday, 24 February 2017

Kit and Clowder February 2017 Pencil Class

Hi there,

I'm so proud of myself having taken some me time to finish this gorgeous image that I started colouring last weekend.

There is nothing more satisfying than finishing one of my classes, as they are a bit time consuming, but it's worth every moment I spend on them. I learn soooo soooo much about colouring, and I know that I have the support from Alyce Keegan, my teacher, and no less than +13.000 other students in the Kit and Clowder group. I love this group where everybody is sooo helpful, encouraging and supportive.

Last weekend I made this image a challenge with a fellow student, and I'm sure I won the challenge, because I've not seen her image yet LOL.

If you see this - you know, who you are - then get colouring......., OK?

Although finished, I might want to go over the flower on the table one more time, as I think it seems a lot lighter than the one in the vase. But then, not two flowers are alike, are they? I'll think about this a little more, before I jump into the pencil box again.

The image is also coloured with my FC Polychromos pencils - I almost wrote, as usual, because I simply love the pencils, and feel I have more control over them.

ONE DAY, though, I'll have to jump into my marker classes and not be afraid to do one of those. I have all of them, and when I think about it, I believe I've only ever done the first class. That's simply too bad, so I have to find the courage somewhere, because there are just as awesome images as my pencil classes (still have plenty of those, I've never gotten round to do). Well, we'll see, LOL, eventually I'll do it.

That's all from me for now. Please feel free to leave me a comment, if you like my project, and, if you want to see my cards/projects on a regular basis, please join my blog.

Be happy crafting!

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