Thursday, 15 December 2016

Kit and Clowder November 2016 class

Hi there,

As usual time is flying and too long time has passed since I last posted in here. I've practically not coloured much since my birthday in late August as I've been really busy with other things, and I do miss it. I hope 2017 will be a better colouring year for me.

Last weekend I took some badly needed ME-time and coloured up the November 2016 pencil class from Kit and Clowder. Should you ever want to learn to colour with either markers (different kinds are mentioned in class) or pencils (also different kinds are mentioned), this is definitely the place to learn. The classes contains both video instructions as well as a booklet.

Alyce Keegan - the owner of Kit and Clowder - offers feedback on ALL images to students in her classes, whether projects from class or not, in which she offer you great advice, gives tips and tricks etc.. Her facebook group is awesome, everybody are so supportive and we help each other with everything.

Well, back to my image of the Christmas mouse:

I know, I know, there's room for improvement in my colouring - and that being said, I AM a student and still very much learning. But I'm really content with my mouse and very proud of myself for having tackled this image. There are so many techniques involved, but it's not impossible for a newbie either to make just as good or even better. 

If you cannot see it, let me explain: You are looking from the outside and in through a frozen window, where you see the mouse sitting on a bauble on a Christmas Tree (the green behind him). 
When I was a child a long time ago, I remember seeing icing on the inside of a window, and if you wanted to look out you breathed on the window and then wiped the ice off when it melted. Can you see, where I'm going? 

I have coloured him with my Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, which I truly love using. 

The photo isn't the best due to the rather dark daylight up here in Denmark at the moment, so the picture is looking more blue than it is in real life. I'm sorry about that, but unfortunately there's nothing I can do about it this time of year. 

Please feel free to leave me a comment, if you like my project, and if you want to see my cards/projects on a regular basis - even though I'm still a bit unstable at the moment - please join my blog.

Be happy crafting! 

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