Sunday, 20 November 2016

It's been ages

Hi There!

It's been ages, since I've been in here. I'm so sorry about that. I did, however, a couple of weeks back leave a post on my other blog (see the link on the right side below my photo) if you'd like to see it.

I've been so busy adjusting to my new job, which is very different from anything I've tried before and there's been tonnes of computer programmes to learn.  I'm sent on various courses on various locations around the municipality to learn new stuff on a regular basis, so I'm really tired when I get home at night and have finished the dinner and house chores that I only have energy to surf a bit on Facebook.

I've hardly done any colouring at all. So again I have to seek the computer files for images/cards that I've not shown in here before. Please bear with me, I hope I'll have more energy some time after Christmas.

Well, I'm going to show you a card I loved making - Gosh, I can see it's already 1½ years old - but I'm sure it's not been shown before. It's an image called "Cafe" from the very talented Alicia Bel and it illustrates me in the morning before coffee except my curls are real and I don't have those cute slippers LOL.

I have coloured her with my copic markers. The sentiment is from SimplyBStamps and the sheep are from Amy Doodle Stamps. 

I put on the sheep to illustrate the she's still half asleep as I am until I get the first sip of coffee. 

I love this card, but I think I gave it up as a prize for a Bingo game in the food club last year, so one of my friends ended up with her. 

Please leave me a comment if you like my card, and if you want to see my cards/projects on a regular basis - even though I'm a bit unstable posting at the moment - please join my blog. 

Be happy crafting!

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