Sunday, 14 August 2016

I'm not sure I like it!

Hi there,

A while back I made this card, and I'm not sure at all, I like the way I put it together. I'll let you judge yourself, and then I'll give you my view below the photo.

I love everything about the card except the blue and green fish! There, I've said it! What first seemed to be a great idea, absolutely ruined my joy over this card.

I found the fish (and in other colours as well) in a local supermarket and thought "they would be so nice to put on a mermaid card", but as it turned out, they are way too thick and were really hard to glue on, and the minute they stuck to the card and I removed my hands, I so regretted having put them there.

I think everything else on the card is in harmony and then these two wobbly, thick fish were such a disappointment and they are stuck so well, that I'll ruin the card, if I remove them.

Well, I've shown you now, that I'm also capable of making cards that are failed, and I'd usually not show them to you. Of course it's a pity, and I have no idea what to do with this card, so any suggestions will be very welcome.

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Be happy crafting!
Hugs, Kirsten